CORE Trainings 

Join BQE's Training & Consulting Manager Scott McKissock for on-demand sessions to get you and your firm up and running in CORE quickly and easily. 

Our training sessions are designed to be taken in sequence. To optimize your CORE training experience, we recommend you view our trainings in the following order:


CORE Foundations:

An overview of the foundational setup and functionality of CORE. For new users who are administrators or managers of CORE.  

This training session covers how to set up your firm’s profile, BQE ePayments account creation, establish global settings, and enter employees, vendors, and clients. Please review the information required to set up your BQE ePayments account in advance. We also review the basic features and functionality of working in CORE. 

CORE Project Setup:

CORE Project Setup introduces you to the key CORE project details that will enable successful project management. Save time and energy, get your projects set up correctly from the start!

You will learn how to build your projects effectively, attach a fee schedule, add project phases, assign teams, and more.

CORE Project Management:

Learn how to track and manage your projects effectively and easily organize your team with CORE’s unparalleled project management capabilities.  

For Managers, Owners, Administrators, and anyone who is managing projects in CORE. Prior attendance at a CORE Foundations and CORE Project Setup trainings required.

This training session walks you through how to take charge of your project financials with CORE budgets and how you can easily organize your team with intelligent Gantt charts, forecasting, and task allocation. Drill down into the performance of each project using CORE’s specialized project performance and structure screens. Discover metrics like profitability, utilization, earned value, and margins, among many others.

CORE Time & Expense:

Learn how to enter, review, and approve time and expenses. For new users who will be entering their time and expenses into CORE. No prerequisites for Staff attendees. This training is also for new users who are administrators or managers of CORE. Prior attendance at CORE Foundations and CORE Project Setup trainings required for Manager attendees.  

This training educates team members how to enter time and expenses in CORE. Managers and administrators will also learn how to review, manage, and approve time and expense entries and personal time off (PTO) requests.  

CORE Billing:

Learn the essentials of creating, approving and sending invoices, including ePayment-enabled invoices. For new users who are administrators or managers of CORE. Prior attendance at CORE Foundations, CORE Project Setup, and CORE Time & Expense trainings required. If you haven’t set up your BQE ePayments account, please review the information required in advance of this training.  

You’ll be ready to create, process and send invoices after completion of this training session. We also teach you how to send and manage online payments, review pre-billing reports, record payments, and review collections.