Your Office is Leaking Money: How to Identify Losses and Plug the Holes 


*Originally recorded on November 9, 2022.

Most firms look at profitability as a bottom-line metric. They use this as a gauge to determine if the firm is financially healthy. However, every firm is composed of countless independent elements: employees, clients, projects, phases, consultants, and a myriad of expenses. 

What does a firm do when they aren’t achieving the profit margins they desire or experiencing losses? Knowing the answer to this question is the purpose of this webinar.  

In this webinar, we will explore: 

  • The best practices for monitoring the various profit-centers of your firm.  
  • The means and methods that will not only alert you to problems but discuss how to resolve them.  

Most A&E firms don’t apply the same rigor, discipline, and consistency that they use when executing their projects. We will show how easy it is for your firm to be well-organized, efficient, and profitable by applying best practices and utilizing modern, effortless, affordable computing technologies. 

Join us for an engaging, live webinar presented by Steven Burns, FAIA, Chief Creative Officer at BQE Software, as he shares lessons learned over 35 years working with over 1,000 A&E firms.   


By the end of this session, you will learn how to:


Explain the importance and informativeness of a perfectly organized Chart of Accounts 


Identify each of your firm’s profit centers and the KPIs that measure their performance  


Determine which technology plays an integral role in every healthy firm 


Assess how simple it can be to turn your firm into a profitable, elegant enterprise 

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Did you know that you can receive one LU for this course?



Steven Burns, FAIA 

Founder, The Well-Designed Firm

Former Chief Creative Officer, BQE Software


Steven Burns is a member of the College of Fellows of the AIA and Chief Creative Officer of BQE Software.  
After receiving his Master of Architecture degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Steve spent 7 years at SOM - working in Chicago, London, and Berlin before founding his own firm, BBA Architects in 1993. 
In 2007, with 17 architects on staff- Steve sold BBA to pursue his passion for business management software - starting with his creation of ArchiOffice. 
In 2009 with over 600 firms using the ArchiOffice platform, Steve sold his second company to BQE Software and is now focused on the product development of BQE CORE ARCHITECT - a fully-integrated, cloud-based firm management platform that includes time billing, invoicing, accounting, and project management for firms of all sizes.  
Steven is a global speaker and thought leader on topics related to firm management and emerging technologies. 



BQE Software develops innovative business management solutions for architecture, engineering, and other professional services firms. Its flagship product, BQE CORE, streamlines project management, time tracking, billing, accounting, and other business processes on a single platform. Every day, over 5,000 customers use BQE Core to get clear visibility and control over their projects, productivity, and profitability – all in one place. Learn more at