Eliminating Time-Sucking Work: Transformative Business Automation Technologies Beyond CAD & BIM

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Industry surveys show that many AE firms rely on outdated software or spreadsheets to manage their business information, leading to inefficiencies and reduced profitability. In the webinar, we'll cover new business automation technologies, beyond CAD & BIM, that boost efficiency and engagement for all firm members, regardless of size. Join us to learn how you can break free of these obsolete tools, eliminate repetitive, mundane work, and return to doing the work you enjoy most.

Prepare to be inspired by one of the most accomplished and forward-thinking experts in the AE industry! We invite you to attend this dynamic webinar led by Steven Burns, FAIA, a visionary with nearly 40 years of entrepreneurial and AE business consulting experience. As the founder of The Well-Designed Firm and former Chief Creative Officer of BQE Software, Steve has witnessed the full spectrum of the industry – from the best to the worst.  


By the end of this session, you will learn how to:


Summarize the concept of business automation and list the types available


Streamline repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and improve productivity


Discover the benefits of implementing business automation technologies, such as cost savings, increased accuracy, and enhanced decision-making capabilities


Explore the key considerations when implementing automation technologies, including selecting the right tools, identifying automation opportunities, and managing change within an organization


Examine real-world examples of firms that have successfully implemented automation technologies and achieved significant benefits

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Did you know that you can receive one LU for this course?


Steven Burns, FAIA 

Founder, The Well-Designed Firm


Steven Burns, FAIA, is a global thought leader and speaker on topics related to firm management and emerging technologies. He is the founder of The Well-Designed Firm, a nascent business consultancy helping A&E firms that wish to make their business as elegant as the architecture they create. Steven received his Master of Architecture degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, spent 7 years at SOM, and founded his own architecture firm, BBA Architects which he sold in 2007. He created ArchiOffice, the popular office and project management software, which he sold to BQE Software in 2010, which later evolved into BQE CORE.   



BQE Software develops innovative business management solutions for architecture, engineering, and other professional services firms. Its flagship product, BQE CORE, streamlines project management, time tracking, billing, accounting, and other business processes on a single platform. Every day, over 5,000 customers use BQE CORE to get clear visibility and control over their projects, productivity, and profitability – all in one place. Learn more at