BQE CORE presents

The CORE of Their Success:

How Four Firms Turned Project Insights Into Action  

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As we approach the final months of 2023, we've rounded up some of our most successful customers, who have become more efficient, profitable, and organized with BQE CORE's real-time insights for better decision making. 

Join BQE's tenured Training & Consulting Manager Scott McKissock as he interviews four different CORE customers (with four different job functions) to discuss their experience implementing and utilizing CORE, as well as the wins, losses, and lessons learned along the way. We'll also discuss why Q4 is the best time to invest in software and other resources for your team. At the end of the session, we’ll take questions from the audience, so you can hear answers and feedback from real customers.  

During this session, you'll learn how these firms: 


Switched and migrated data to CORE from their old platforms or spreadsheets 


Took advantage of CORE's functionality and ease of use, as well as their favorite features, reports and time-saving hacks


Implemented and onboarded CORE with their team


Leveraged BQE’s 24/7 support team for project setup and templates  



BQE CORE is the award-winning firm management software, created by architects and engineers for architects and engineers, that project-based firms trust to run their operations for better project outcomes, and more profitable futures. Their fully integrated suite of intuitive tools with 24/7/365 support provides back-office automation to power front-office insights, making firm management more agile, informed, and data-driven. Learn more at