Cash Flow Essentials:

How to Calculate Burn Rate & Runway for Your AE Firm 

Part 5 of the ‘Blueprint for Success’ Masterclass Series

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In the dynamic world of AE firms, understanding your financial runway and burn rate is akin to having a GPS for your practice's financial journey. Your gross burn rate is a crucial metric that measures the rate at which your firm consumes capital before generating positive cash flow. It's the answer to the pivotal question: “How long can we stay in business without signing another project?” This enlightening webinar delves into the vital key performance indicators (KPIs) associated with your runway and burn rate, empowering you to estimate and project your firm's income with precision. Join Douglas Teiger, FAIA, for this illuminating session and unlock the keys to financial stability and prosperity in the AE industry. By the end of this session, you'll possess the knowledge and tools to navigate your firm's financial journey with confidence and foresight, ensuring a secure path to success. 


By the end of this session, you will learn how to:


List your monthly expenses, paving the way to financial clarity 


Define the fee remaining on all your projects, a critical element in your financial equation 


Calculate the number of months you can sustain your operations without new projects, providing you with a clear financial runway 


Estimate and project future income to allow for proactive financial planning  

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Did you know that you can receive one LU for this course?

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Douglas Teiger, FAIA 

Founder  | Teiger Consulting


Douglas Teiger, FAIA, graduated from Cornell University, in 1982 with a BARCH.  He opened his own firm in 1989 and grew from a solo practitioner to become managing partner of his 32-person firm.   

In 2009, Douglas received a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology from USM, where he learned tools and skills he is sharing with his staff and clients. His ability to effectively streamline the operations allowed for more time to be spent on design and project research while creating a culture that fosters a holistic approach to a work life balance.    

In 2017, he served as President of the AIA Los Angeles Chapter and previously served on the AIA National Strategic Council. In 2019 Douglas transitioned out of his firm elevating three associates to partners, sold his shares and started his next venture, Teiger Consulting.   

Douglas’s mission is to “live an inspiring balanced life” whether it involves family, coaching, consulting, painting, or sports.   


In the world of architecture and engineering, professionals rarely receive the comprehensive business training they need, yet they often find themselves juggling the demands of design and business management. Enter visionary architect and business consultant, Douglas Teiger, FAIA. With a wealth of experience, he has crafted this exceptional series to empower fellow architects and engineers to elevate their firms, mirroring the success strategies of Fortune 500 companies, all while maintaining a harmonious work-life balance. 

Douglas Teiger's own journey from a solo practitioner to becoming the managing partner of a thriving 30+-person firm, followed by his venture into Teiger Consulting, serves as a testament to his expertise. 

Every third Wednesday of the month, Douglas Teiger delves deep into pivotal topics that promise to fortify your firm's profitability and set the stage for sustainable growth in the years ahead. 

Returning to BQE University with an upgraded version of this masterclass for the third year in a row, Douglas equips you with the systems and processes necessary to not only boost profitability but also reclaim the freedom to focus on the aspects of your practice and life that ignite your passion. 

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