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Improving Project Profitability: The 10 KPIs Your Consulting Firm Needs To Be Tracking

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Projects are the core of your consulting firm. Not only do they generate profits, but they are also at the center of your business’ operations. As such, doing everything you can to ensure their success should be one of your top priorities.  

Key performance indicators (KPIs) track project success by measuring how your projects (or team, clients, and so on) are performing. Because each consulting firm has different goals and ways of working, your vital KPIs will vary from project to project.  

Effective KPIs, regardless of project type, are:  

  • Well-defined and quantifiable  
  • Communicated thoroughly with every employee  
  • Crucial measurements for tracking the progress of your goals  
  • Applicable to your firm and industry   

Within the world of project performance and finance, certain KPIs should always be used to monitor and improve your success.  

 Join us for an engaging, live webinar presented by entrepreneur and founder of The Well-Designed Firm, Steven Burns, FAIA, as he explores 10 project performance KPIs that, when tracked properly, will transform the way your business operates, and subsequently how profitable each project is. 


By the end of this session, you will learn how to:


Describe why managing your project and firm health is as crucial as managing your own health 


List the 10 KPIs that every consultant must understand and what they really mean for your firm’s health 


Define and quantify KPIs that are meaningful to achieve your business and personal goals 


Recognize how technology plays into managing a healthy firm, just as it does with managing your own health 

Steve Burns Headshot Large

Steven Burns, FAIA 

Founder, The Well-Designed Firm


Steven Burns, FAIA, is a global thought leader and speaker on topics related to firm management and emerging technologies. He is the founder of The Well-Designed Firm, a nascent business consultancy helping A&E firms that wish to make their business as elegant as the architecture they create. Steven received his Master of Architecture degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, spent 7 years at SOM, and founded his own architecture firm, BBA Architects which he sold in 2007. He created ArchiOffice, the popular office and project management software, which he sold to BQE Software in 2010, which later evolved into BQE CORE.    



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